(4) "Seattle's Unity '99 Was NOT about Equality!" - 07/13/99 by Michelle Malkin in the Seattle Times Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
Unity '99 could have used more diversity of thought (07/13/99)

          [Seattle Times writer Michelle Malkin would prefer to be known for her ideas rather than for her skin color.   Ms. Malkin is a first-generation Filipino whom the pro-quota Seattle Times (surprisingly enough) allows to frequently write about the insanity of racial quotas, preferences and political correctness.  About the Unity '99 Conference, Ms. Malkin writes, in part...]

          "I AM not a brown jelly bean.   I am more than my skin color. I am more than my parents' homeland. I am more than the bean-counters' box on a job application. For better or worse, I want readers to know me for my ideas, ideology and idiosyncrasies - not for my Filipino heritage.

          "This is why, after more than a half-dozen years in the newspaper business, I refuse to join race-based organizations such as the Asian-American Journalists Association [AAJA].

          "[Recently, various 'ethnic' journalistic associations such as the AAJA] sponsored a national media confab in Seattle.   More than 5,000 'journalists of color' attended Unity '99.   Presidential hopefuls Al Gore, George W. Bush, Bill Bradley and John McCain came, saw and pandered to the rainbow crowd.

          "...the fatal flaw of Unity '99 was its unspoken mandate of strict political conformity.  Ignore the smoke screen platitudes about 'valuing differences.'  Unity demands unanimity.  If you don't accept the left-leaning agenda of advocacy journalism, you're [supposedly] enabling racism [according to the politically-correct "Unity" agenda].  If you don't support the pursuit of racial hiring goals as a primary journalistic goal, you're selling out.  If you don't buy the idea that a first-generation Filipina should feel ethnic solidarity with a fourth-generation Japanese-American simply because they share the same hair and eye color, you're denying your 'identity.'

          "This pressure to bow and scrape before the false god of skin-deep diversity was overwhelming at two typical workshops I attended [at the Unity '99 conference].

          [Ms. Malkin reports that her fellow panelists at Unity '99] "...won hearty applause for ridiculing [the very concept of] reverse discrimination and dissing U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [a black, conservative Supreme Court Justice].  Calmly and civilly, I [Ms. Malkin] argued against ethnic pigeonholing and expressed my opposition to racial preferences.  [Ms. Malkin reports that she received no support from Unity participants for expressing these views.]

          [Ms. Malkin continues in this report to discuss the lack of objectivity and facts presented at the diversity-journalism workshops she attended.  In this report she decries the fawning attendees' knee-jerk acceptance of the premise that news reportage in the U.S. cannot be accurate unless "persons of color" are proportionately represented in the media, and that these persons of color are doing the reporting on issues of racism.   Ms. Malkin concludes her coverage of Unity '99 as follows...]

          "Treating minority journalists as trinkets to be tallied and displayed does not enhance diversity.  It fosters cynicism.  A newsroom that looks like America is worthless if it doesn't reflect the diverse and discordant beliefs of its readers.  Journalism doesn't need more like-minded foot soldiers who march in political unity. It needs straight shooters who think fearlessly for themselves."  (Seattle Times 07/13/99 by Michelle Malkin)
[link http://www.seattletimes.com/news/editorial/html98/malk_19990713.html ]

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