(47) Reparations Calculations
Michelle Malkin (08/16/02)
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Reparations Calculations (08/16/02)

Excerpted from the Washington Times
(Aug. 16, 2002)
written by Michelle Malkin

[Editor's Note:  Author Michelle Malkin is a direct descendant of Filipino immigrants to the United States.   She computes that, if she were to be paid "reparations" for unfair labor practices imposed upon her forebears, and using the blacks' own reparations rationale, she should also be paid "reparations" of at least $1,640,222 -- and that's before calculating the compound interest!]

           "Thousands of aggrieved activists are headed to Washington, D.C., later this week for the "Millions for Reparations" march.  The theme is: "They Owe Us."

          " 'Us' means black Americans who allegedly endure lasting psychological and economic suffering as a result of their ancestors (or someone else's ancestors) being enslaved centuries ago.  "They" means the U.S. government, which means American taxpayers, which means tens of millions of people who had nothing remotely whatsoever to do with inflicting such injustice on anyone.

          "A year and a half ago, when this self-pitying business of slavery reparations first took off, I whipped out my own reparations calculator.   I urge others to do the same, and start clamoring for your own personal payoff:

          "My ancestors from the Philippines were enslaved by Spain and forced to build and man the galleons that brought Hispanic explorers to America.   During World War II, my relatives were subjected to extreme physical and economic oppression under Japanese occupation.  During the 1920s, the states of California and Hawaii imported 50,000 laborers from my ancestral homeland to toil on American farms.   Filipinos also worked on agricultural fields in Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Montana.  In addition, my people built levees in the San Joaquin Delta and slaved away in fisheries and lumber mills up and down the West Coast in horrid conditions.

          "[Therefore,] Crunching the reparations numbers, every American of Spanish descent owes me $514,000 plus compound interest.  Adjusted for inflation, every fellow countryman of Japanese descent owes $750,222.  California residents owe my family an even $300,000.  Alaskans, Hawaiians, Oregonians, Washingtonians, Arizonans and Montanans must pay $75,000 to atone.  And anyone else — white, black or otherwise — whose family members ingested Filipino-harvested asparagus, peas, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, grapes or fish, or who burned Filipino-cut firewood, or who lived in homes built of Filipino-sawed lumber from 1923-1947, can settle their debt by sending me a check for $999.99."

Excerpted from Michelle Malkin's commentary as it appeared in the 08-16-02 edition of the Washington Times titled: "Reparations Calculations".

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