(38) Race-Based Preferences Harm Society
David Limbaugh (03/31/01)
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Race-Based Preferences Harm Society (03/31/01)

Excerpted from the Townhall.Com Commentary
written by Syndicated Columnist David Limbaugh

           "Let me make a bold statement: Our society is not going to make any progress toward improving racial relations until we encourage the idea of racial colorblindness.

          "Seriously, we cannot promote harmony among races [as long as political correctness on the issue of race] is enforced by tyrannical thought police who actively suppress airing of the opposite viewpoint.

          "If a white person, for example, openly opposes the idea of reparations being paid to blacks to compensate them for the sins of slavery visited upon their ancestors, he is immediately presumed and branded a racist.

          "If the left really thinks it is making converts by chilling speech -- indeed, thought itself -- it is sorely misguided. You don't convince a person of a proposition by denying him the opportunity to express his views. Instead, you build up resentment.

          "The same is true with the application of racial preferences. By granting minorities preferences in hiring, education, government contract awards and the like, you are not going to ameliorate racial relations; you will exacerbate them.

          "People who are denied the fruits of their labor or rewards based on their own merit will mightily resent the government imposing those discriminatory practices, not to mention the minorities who deprive them of what is rightfully theirs. No amount of phony charges of racism will change these legitimate feelings. And shame on anyone who accuses those who oppose such racial preferences of being racist. This nonsense has got to stop."

          Mr. Limbaugh goes on to explain why, in 1997, the Senate Judiciary Committee so vehemently opposed Bill Lann Lee as Clinton's nominee as assistant attorney general for civil rights.  Mr. Lee had made his reputation as a docrinaire defender of racial quotas -- in essence, a promoter of racial discrimination based on race.

          "The Adarand case is back before the Supreme Court (following several remands and appeals), and the Court will again have an opportunity to reaffirm, modify or reverse its position on government-sponsored race-based preferences.

          "I am hopeful that the Court will reinforce its principled stance against racial discrimination. While some well-meaning advocates of affirmative action doubtlessly believe that such practices are beneficial to society, they are not. They are destructive of the long-term goal of racial colorblindness and the principle of equality under the law."

          David Limbaugh is author of Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department.  You may read a review or purchase the book at Amazon.Com.

Excerpted from "Race-Based Preferences Harm Society" -- Townhall.Com Commentary by David Limbaugh
Published March 31, 2001.

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