(35) Capitulating in the culture war
By Paul Craig Roberts (03/12/01)
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Capitulating in the culture war (03/06/01)

Excerpted from Paul Craig Roberts
Commentary in the Washington Times

           "The rot in American intellectual life has reached a putrid state. Nothing better illustrates the decline in education and the ability to think than the argument over "affirmative action."

          "Affirmative action means privileged standing for "preferred minorities" with regard to university admissions, employment, government contracts and discrimination lawsuits.

          "Universities, law firms and federal judges now claim entrance privileges for blacks benefit whites as well by producing a "diverse" learning environment. There is a slight point here. Having killed off all diversity of thought, the only diversity that can be found in the politically correct left-wing propaganda mills that masquerade as universities is diversity of skin color.

          "Equality in law, the product of a thousand-year struggle, is the greatest achievement of our civilization. We are the result of a long fight to overthrow privileges based on creeds, birth and estate.

          "As Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan said: "There is no caste here.  Our Constitution is colorblind."  The Constitution is still colorblind, but numerous federal bureaucrats, federal judges, university bureaucracies, lawyers and "civil rights" activists are not colorblind.  The cause of civil rights has been so perverted that civil rights now means nothing more or less than legal privileges for "preferred minorities."

          "Today, America labors under a caste system imposed by elites who are hostile to equal opportunity and desirous of equal results. The caste system has been constructed to include everyone except white heterosexual able-bodied males (WHAMs).

          "American elites, both liberal and conservative, seem quite content to sacrifice equality in law to minority privilege.   In America today, a native-born white male is a second-class citizen in law.   Immigrants, both legal and illegal (98 percent are "people of color"), have more rights than a descendant of George Washington or Roger Sherman.  Larry Stratton and I show in our book, "The New Color Line," how white males have been stripped of equality in law."

Excerpted from "Capitulating in the culture war" by Paul Craig Roberts, as published in the Washington Times on Monday, Mar. 12, 2001.

Paul Craig Roberts is a columnist for the Washington Times and is nationally syndicated

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