(29) Every Guess Must Count?
By Thomas Sowell 11/27/00
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Every guess must count?  (11/27/00)

          "Every vote must count!" has been the magic mantra of Florida judges who are trying to give Al Gore the electoral victory that the voters failed to give him. "Every guess must count!" is more like it, when courts start authorizing local Democratic officials in heavily Democratic counties to "interpret" dents in the ballots as votes. Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey tells us that it may be hard for a weak 85-year-old to perforate the ballot, but that this is no reason to deprive the elderly of the vote.

          "What makes all this a farce is that many ballots with only a dent in them for president have clearly perforated holes where votes for other offices have been made. Why would someone too feeble to perforate one slot be athletic enough to perforate the others? Moreover, if a dent is the same as a vote, then why not disqualify those ballots where there is a dent for one candidate and a perforation for his opponent? After all, that would be illegal voting twice for the same office -- if you buy the theory that a dent is a vote.

          "Those "dimples" we hear so much about are little squares that are still attached to the ballot by all four corners, but simply have a dent in them. Maybe someone thought about voting for a particular candidate and then thought better of it. Maybe not. But it is guesswork either way.

          "These guesses by local Democratic officials are to be counted as votes, according to Florida's Democratic judges. Worse yet, the courts are permitting -- or, in Palm Beach, requiring -- that dimples be given the benefit of the doubt in three heavily Democratic counties, while the other 64 counties must have ballot perforations that can be read by machine to qualify as a vote. Someone once asked Abraham Lincoln how many legs a dog has, if you count the tail as a leg. "Four" was Lincoln's reply. "The fact that you call a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." The fact that Democratic judges in Florida call a dent a vote in three Democratic counties should not make them votes. Not when there have to be perforations everywhere else.

          "Incidentally, how do we even know who put the dent in the ballot? It could have been a ballot-counter with a sharp fingernail. Hand-counting ballots that were designed to be machine counted opens up a world of opportunities for bias and corruption. One Florida Democrat has been caught with a ballot-punching machine in his car, after he denied having it."

Excerpted from Townhall.com 11/27/00 by Thomas Sowell

[link  http://www.townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/ts20001127.shtml ]

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