(1) "(Racial) Profiles in Hypocrisy" - 06/30/99 by Roger Clegg, Center for Equal Opportunity Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
(Racial) Profiles in Hypocrisy (06/30/99 - dead link)
          "On June 9, President Clinton condemned 'racial profiling' and directed federal law enforcement agencies to collect the data needed to determine whether they are, in fact, engaging in such profiling.

          "Earlier this year, in his Saturday radio address, the president had also criticized racial profiling. He had then pledged to spend more money on recruiting minority police officers because 'police departments ought to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.'

          "Which suggests this question:   Why is it bad for a police department to classify people based on race or ethnicity when it's deciding whom to stop, but not when it's deciding whom to hire?

          "... Because a disproportionate number of criminals are black, there is a powerful temptation for left, right and center to view criminal issues through a racial lens and to conclude that the best approach to addressing them must include a racial component. The same is true of other social pathologies like illegitimacy. But that temptation must be resisted. Racism is not the problem, on the one hand, nor is there "something in the blood" that predisposes some races and ethnicities toward anti-social behavior.

          "True, there are cultural causes, but race does not equal culture any more than it equals criminality.  Most blacks are law-abiding, and the lifestyles of many whites reflect a nationwide cultural and moral decline.  The ideals of the civil rights movement are still valid.  We are all human beings, color is only skin-deep, and each person must be judged as an individual. Government programs that see race, not individuals, and that treat all social problems as racial problems, do more harm than good -- no matter how well-intentioned."  (Excerpted from California Law 06/30/99 by Roger Clegg, VP and General Counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity)
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