(17) Hey, GM - Build Cars, NOT Quotas!
Townhall.com 07/26/00 by Michelle Malkin
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Hey, GM: Build cars, not quotas (07/26/00 - Michelle Malkin via Townhall.com)

          "It seems that some top executives at General Motors Corp. prefer social engineering to mechanical engineering. Last week, the automaker's meddlesome legal team filed a brief in federal court that supports the University of Michigan's race-based affirmative-action policies.

          "The university is involved in two class-action lawsuits stemming from its use of a blatantly discriminatory "dual" admission program in undergraduate and law school admissions.   University documents obtained by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Individual Rights show that in some cases, minorities are automatically admitted while white applicants with identical SAT scores and grades are automatically rejected.  Race was not just a "plus" factor; it was the deciding factor.

          "Across the country, voters and courts have rejected these unjust and unconstitutional schemes.  Polls show that both professors and students of all races are increasingly disenchanted with affirmative action.  And more and more multiracial families like mine are defying intrusive government inquiries into our skin color.

          "... GM's lawyers argue "The future of American business" depends upon the preservation of race-based affirmative action.  "High-level functioning in today's business world demands cross-cultural competence," they write.  "What we are doing is supporting the policy of the university that will encourage a very diverse student body that ultimately is to the advantage of America," says Harry J. Pearce, GM vice chairman.

          "This is nonsensical pandering to the affirmative-action lobby."

         "... Unprecedented numbers of students are declining to identify their race at all in the admissions process. They want to compete on their merits, not their chromosomes. Now that's something a future employer should value.

          "... GM is using the University of Michigan case as a vehicle to appease racial quota advocates in academia and politics. When it comes to achieving true racial equality, the world's largest car company drives in reverse."  (Excerpted from Michelle Malkin's 07/26/00 column in Townhall.com)

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