(15) Targeting W.H.A.M.S.
06/28/00 Townhall Commentary
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Targeting W.H.A.M.S (06/28/00)

[Excerpted from Townhall.com by Paul Craig Roberts]

          In this piece, writer Paul Craig Roberts reports about a whole, new class of federal crimes which can only be committed by White Heterosexual Able-bodied Males (WHAMs). 

          Paul Craig Roberts writes: "Democrats in the Senate, aided by 13 turncoat Republicans, have passed legislation that creates new federal crimes that can only be committed by a White Heterosexual Able-bodied Male (WHAM). The legislation, pushed by Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., and Gordon H. Smith, R-Ore., would provide another weapon to be used against WHAMs, a non-preferred and legally isolated minority with no lobby, no voice and no political protection. The legislation would make any violent act committed against a woman, a homosexual or a disabled person a federal "hate crime." It is already a "hate crime" to commit a violent act against a "person of color."

          "The Kennedy-Smith bill is race-profiling at its worst. The bill targets a specific group on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation by labeling WHAMs with a proclivity to commit hate crimes. It is obvious from the politically correct rhetoric and the feminist and homosexual lobbies that produced the bill that the legislation does not regard those deemed in need of hate-crime protection to be among the perpetrators of such crimes. No WHAM presumes that hate-crime legislation will protect him from assaults by those deemed to be his victims."

          "It is not a hate crime for a black to mug and beat a white, but a white who assaults a black is committing a hate crime. A disabled person who kills an able-bodied one has committed only murder, but if the roles are reversed, the able-bodied person has committed murder and a hate crime."

[link http://www.townhall.com/columnists/paulcraigroberts/pcr000628.shtml ]

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