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Hating Whitey & Other Progressive Causes (10/02/99 - no link)

[Washington Times editorial about David Horowitz's latest book.  This article appeared in the Time's "Inside the Beltway" section October 2, 1999.]

          "When nobody else accepted President Clinton's challenge last year (the time has come for a frank discussion of the issue of race in America) social critic David Horowitz decided to step up to the plate. And if you wonder whether the former left-wing-activist-turned-conservative will stir the racial pot to a boil with his latest book, consider the title: "Hating Whitey & Other Progressive Causes."

          "It's really about the double standard, the way in which there is a license to hate white people, and white males in particular," Mr. Horowitz tells Inside the Beltway in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. "This actually works bad for minorities, because instead of working on the real problems in the African-American community, it's blame whitey," he continues. "The cry of racism has become an excuse for not looking at reality and real problems." He hopes the book will serve to "get us into a real dialogue on race like the president called for; get us out of this PC straitjacket."  (Washington Times 10/02/99, no link available)

See Also Book Review:  Hating Whitey & Other Progressive Causes, by David Horowitz.  (Also contains purchase information.)

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