(7) Adversity.Net does NOT disclose contributors' identities!

          IRS rules governing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations do NOT require disclosure or reporting of the names or addresses of our contributors and supporters!

          In addition, Adversity.Net has a firm policy against revealing the names or addresses of our contributors.  We do not publish, sell or otherwise disclose the names or addresses of our donors.

          Below are IRS's official statements regarding non-disclosure of contributors' identities.

Infernal Revenue Service
Questions and Answers about Donor Identification
From the IRS Web Site (links are provided)

Question:  Are tax-exempt organizations required to disclose the names or addresses of its contributors?

IRS Answer:  No.  The new regulations, like the old regulations, specifically exclude the name and address of any contributor to the organization from the definition of discloseable documents.

          However, due to a subsequent statutory change, that exclusion does not apply to political organizations described in section 527.  Certain tax-exempt political organizations are required to report the name & address, and the occupation and employer (if an individual), of any person that contributes in the aggregate $200 or more in a calendar year on the [organization's] Schedule A of Form 8872.  Tax-exempt political organizations may also be required to file Form 990, including Schedule B.  Political organizations are required to make both of these forms available to the public, including the contributor information.

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(NOTE:  The second paragraph above applies only to what are known as "527 organizations".  The applicable paragraph is the first paragraph which means that Adversity.Net, as a 501(c)(3) organization, is not required to disclose the identies of our contributors.)

Question:  Can I get a list of donors to an organization?

IRS Answer:  Information about donors is specifically excluded from the information available for public inspection, except for donors to private foundations and political organizations. [Emphasis added.]

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Question:  Can I get a copy of an organization's Form 990?

IRS Answer:  Exempt organizations' application forms and annual returns are generally subject to public disclosure, both by the IRS and by the organizations that filed them.  Thus, the annual information return (Form 990) and its attachments (except donor lists), and the approved application for recognition of exemption and supporting documents, and any letters issued to the organization can be inspected at the organization's place of business.  In addition, as explained above, organizations must provide copies of its returns and exemption applications. [Emphasis added.]

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(NOTE:  Organizations which collect less than $25,000 in a given year are not required to file a Form 990 tax return with the IRS.)

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