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General, Historical:  Since 1997 Adversity.Net has accomplished a great deal without funding -- including establishing a readership of up to 20,000 hits per day.  We've also managed to struggle through a 3 year effort to get the IRS to approve our non-profit application without the benefit of retained legal counsel.

          Since 1997 our humble web site has grown from a modest 12 pages to over 400 pages today.  We appear on many of the major search engines under the key words "reverse discrimination" -- again, without having paid a single penny for this benefit.

          Opinion leaders, Congressmen, Senators, and even the NAACP read our web pages regularly.  The Executive Office of the President (eop.gov) was a regular visitor to our web site during the Clinton administration, as was Clinton's Department of Justice.  And guess what?   Responsible leaders have finally begun to use the term "racial profiling" to describe the odious, discriminatory practice of assigning benefits, jobs, promotions, contracts and educational admissions based on race.  Just as Adversity.Net has been saying since 1997! Equal treatment under the law!

          Adversity.Net has recruited a very fine board of directors from all walks of life all of whom are advocates of color blind justice, and all of whom have had the courage to take personal, political, and/or legal action against the reverse discrimination which has negatively impacted their lives.   We have also made many important acquaintances and allies in our struggle for equal treatment under the law.

          According to our e-mail, we have inspired hundreds of "little guys" to do the right thing and pursue legal remedies for the reverse discrimination they have suffered on their jobs. 

          Our e-mail also tells us that we have provided comfort and support to literally thousands more of the "little guys" who thought they were the only ones suffering from reverse discrimination.

          We have publicized hundreds of well-documented cases of reverse discrimination for all the world to see.

          I personally consider it a badge of honor that we've repeatedly been threatened with "legal action" (oh, my!) by reverse discriminators who don't like us telling the truth about their discriminatory practices. 

          Adversity.Net has had its share of hate mail, but we've only received two actual death threats in our five year life span.

          All of which is to say this:   If we can stir the pot up that much on a zero budget, just think of what we could accomplish with some actual resources!

          So send those donation checks, whatever you can afford.  Do it for yourself, and do it for the tens of thousands of others who suffer daily the adverse impact of racial preferences.

          If you give to other charitable organizations, ask yourself this:  "Do they practice racial preferences and quotas in their organization (as they do at certain national charities who have received a lot of negative press lately for shoddy accounting practices), and/or do they disburse my contributions based in any part on race or ethnicity?"  If the answer is yes, then consider switching your charitable contributions to Adversity.Net, Inc.

-- Tim Fay, Chairman and Founder


Recent News

Adversity.Net’s analysis of federal overhiring of minorities receives national distribution!

          For the past several years, Adversity.Net has provided an on-line analysis of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Annual Report to Congress: Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program.



          In July 2002 we provided additional statistical review of OPM’s most recent minority hiring report which revealed startling results (below). So far, the national coverage our report has received is as follows:

  • On July 23, 2002 The Americans Against Discrimination and Preferences (AADAP) picked up our report and distributed it nationally to several thousand e-mail subscribers.
  • On August 8, 2002 syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts cited our report extensively in the Washington Times commentary titled "Vanishing Vestige of Civil Rights".
  • On August 13, 2002 Townhall.com redistributed the same Paul Craig Roberts piece on its web site.
  • Our Own Web Site: At this writing, since web publication of our analysis on July 23, our report has been accessed by 1,055 unduplicated visitor-readers (this is a much more accurate measure of readership than "hits"). Our on-line publication of the entire, official OPM report (public domain) upon which our research is based has been downloaded and/or printed out on 669 separate occasions.

Here is what columnist Paul Craig Roberts wrote about our report:

          "In all 22 independent federal agencies and in 16 of 17 federal executive departments, blacks are massively overrepresented.

          "In the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission blacks make up 46.4 percent of the employees. The "affirmative action" or racial quota target for proportional representation (percent in "Relevant Civilian Labor Force") for the EEOC is 6.4 percent black employees. Blacks are thus overrepresented in EEOC employment by 625 percent.

          "And the EEOC is the federal agency that is supposed to enforce equal employment opportunity.

          "Blacks are overrepresented in the National Science Foundation by 504.7 percent; in the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. by 538.7 percent; in the Securities and Exchange Commission by [222.5 - correction] percent; in the Smithsonian Institution by 452.1 percent, in the Federal Communications Commission by 370.1 percent; in the Social Security Administration by 263.5 percent; in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission by 375 percent; in the Office of Personnel Management by 286.7 percent; and so on.

          "In the Cabinet departments, blacks are overrepresented in the Department of Education employment by 464.7 percent; in the Department of Labor by 254 percent; in HUD by 383 percent; in Treasury by 176 percent; in the Department of Justice by 106 percent; in the Department of State by 165 percent; and so on."

See on-line: http://adversity.net/fed_stats/OPM/opm_overview.htm


Adversity.Net featured in research study:

          In 1999 Adversity.Net assisted a sociology professor from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in his research into the impact of "reverse discrimination" on whites. The study’s author, Dr. Fred L. Pincus, has recently provided copies of his published results to Adversity.Net.

          In the first article, below, Adversity.Net’s role in the debate on this issue is featured prominently. In the second article Adversity.Net is briefly acknowledged for helping Dr. Pincus find research subjects.

  • "The Social Construction of Reverse Discrimination: The Impact of Affirmative Action on Whites", by Fred L. Pincus, Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore, in The Journal of Intergroup Relations, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 4, Winter 2001/2002, pp. 33 - 44
  • "Reverse discrimination vs. White privilege: an empirical study of alleged victims of affirmative action", by Fred L. Pincus, in Race & Society, 3 (2000), pp. 1 - 22.

In the first article, which we have duplicated on-line, Professor Pincus writes, in part:

          "The Internet has numerous reverse discrimination sites, the most sophisticated of which is http://www.adversity.net

          "The language used to analyze a problem is critical and opponents of affirmative action are well aware of this. The adversity.net (2001) website contains the following introduction to their section 'Terms and Definitions of the Racial and Gender Preferences Movement:'

"The quota industry works overtime to invent terms that they think will sell racial and gender quotas, preferences, targets and goals. A new term seems to be invented every week. Language is very important in our fight for color-blind justice. Language shapes our perception of our environment. Don't let the quota industry define your environment!"

See on-line: http://adversity.net/Pro_AA/pincus_main_frame.htm


Spotlight Magazine Interview

          An interview on Slavery Reparations with Mr. Tim Fay, Adversity.Net Chairman, is featured in the August 2002 issue of Spotlight magazine. Spotlight is a German educational magazine published in English and distributed to the schools in Germany as an aid to learning English. Mr. Fay’s interview appeared on page 68.

Last Known Link: http://www.spotlight-online.de/CoCoCMS/generator/viewDocument.php?doc=3168
(Online news links expire quickly; we apologize if this link is no longer active.)


Reverse Discrimination Lawsuits:

GSA Lawsuit:  In June 2002 the plaintiff in a reverse discrimination lawsuit against GSA contacted Adversity.Net about her suit. On July 4, Adversity.Net posted an "intake form" on our web site so that others having evidence of GSA’s discriminatory practices could anonymously assist the plaintiff and her counsel. To date, we’ve passed one solid contact to plaintiff.

See on-line: http://adversity.net/GSA_lawsuit/gsa_overview.htm

DOE and HUD lawsuits:   Adversity.Net is providing ongoing coverage and publicity for these important lawsuits. The HUD lawsuit is being prosecuted by our colleagues at the Center for Individual Rights; the DOE lawsuit is being prosecuted by private counsel.

DOE on-line: http://adversity.net/fed_stats/fednews_energy.htm

HUD on-line: http://adversity.net/fed_stats/HUD/hud_mainframe.htm

Overall Readership

General, Historical Recent News Overall Readership
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          We are quite proud that, as a non-funded, purely volunteer organization with no financing and no facilities whatsoever, we have achieved remarkable distribution and readership since our inception in 1997. During the past year of operations, from May 2001 to May 2002, our web site has received 2,909,777 hits for an average of 7,843 hits per day. Our readership for special event coverage has been even higher.

Special Event Readership: Example 1 -- In January 1999 Washington DC’s black Mayor, Anthony Williams, accepted the resignation of a white aide who used a perfectly good, non-racist term ("niggardly" -- meaning stingy or cheap) in a staff meeting. Adversity.Net covered the story from the perspective of uninformed and over-zealous "racial sensitivity": The black power elite in DC strenuously objected to the aide’s use of "niggardly" because the word sounded so much like the N word. Adversity.Net published the story in Feb. 1999 and received over 20,000 hits per day for several days following publication.

See on-line:  http://adversity.net/special/niggardly.htm

Special Event Readership: Example 2 -- In November - December 2000, during the Bush-Gore election debacle, our web site received over 17,000 hits per day from readers who were looking for information regarding the polarized, racially-charged allegations surrounding this presidential contest.

See on-line:  http://adversity.net/florida/Frame_Fla_MainFrame.htm

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