(4) Funded Programs

          Adversity.Net will use your generous donation to pay for our ongoing operations, including the following necessary expansion of our educational efforts and improvements to our web site:
  • Expand of our "Horror Stories / Case Studies" -- Continue and expand our research and publication of the true-life adverse effects of racial quotas and preferences upon "little people" who are not on the government's list of "preferred minorities".
Equal treatment under the law!
  • Improve and expand our on-line legal resources, including publication of court documents, pleadings and motions.
  • Improve our coverage of daily news from around the country about reverse discrimination.   Dozens of stories per week currently go unpublished and unindexed due to our current funding shortage.
  • Develop of an on-line database resource for use by victims, their lawyers, and our public officials.
  • Re-design and improve our web site, including better indexing and search abilities, and a greatly improved public message board.
  • Establish a speakers' bureau.
  • Produce an educational video based on interviews with victims of reverse discrimination in which they discuss the real, documented harm which "racial preferences" have caused their businesses.  Include interviews with leaders in the "anti-preferences" movement.  Distribute the video to members of Congress, public officials, and educational institutions.
  • Pay for necessary (and minimal) administrative expenses (such as telephone, computer, fax, Internet Service Provider fees, Web-Server fees, software purchases and licenses, liability insurance).  Up until this time these services have been donated for "free", but the "free" services can only get us so far.  (A real, live advocacy organization has very real, live expenses and legal exposure.)
  • When funding allows:  Purchase a wire service subscription (Associated Press, for example) so we can publish the complete text of breaking news stories about reverse discrimination, including photos and graphics

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