Matt Glavin was Atlanta's chief critic of preferences and quotas.
But he has been silenced by a politically motivated sting operation.

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Clinton friend says quota opponent "got what he deserved"
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October 08, 2000

For Victims of Reverse Discrimination
"Any time you attack the sexual conduct of someone else [like a sitting president] you leave yourself pretty vulnerable [to attack]." -- James Carville, Democratic Party operative and Bill Clinton adviser, chortling about the resignation of Matt Glavin following a Georgia sting operation "proving" Glavin engaged in indecent behavior.
Do you believe in unbelievable coincidences?
  • Coincidence?  Matt Glavin has been one of the most successful, vocal leaders in the fight for color blind justice in Atlanta and in the U.S.  Glavin was a vocal advocate of disbarring Bill Clinton from the practice of law in Arkansas for having lied under oath about Monica Lewinsky in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, and Glavin has sued to end Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell's use of racial quotas and set-asides.
  • Coincidence?  The National Park Service, headed by a black Clinton appointee, sent a federal undercover officer to entice Matt Glavin into an alleged act of "public indecency".
  • Coincidence?  The publicity surrounding Glavin's alleged "indecency" has resulted in his resignation from his anti-quota law firm, and has given ammunition to the pro-quota forces (Atlanta's Mayor Campbell, and Bill Clinton himself) whom Glavin and his firm had so vigorously prosecuted.
  • Coincidence?  This all happened only a few weeks before the November 2000 Presidential Elections.
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News Reports on Charges Against Glavin

Park Police Boss Robert Stanton

Report: How Police "Sting" Alleged Sexual Offenders

          If you don't believe in coincidences, then you might think that Georgia Park Rangers conducted a politically-motivated "sting" operation in order to discredit Matt Glavin.  We may never know if Glavin was simply relieving himself, or if he had an embarrassing itch, or if he truly made a homosexual advance on an undercover park ranger.  Or, given his high profile and the enmity he has earned from Bill Clinton and from Atlanta's rabid black mayor Bill Campbell, whether Glavin is guilty of nothing at all.

  • Fact:  The scene of the alleged "indecency" is a national park under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, which agency is headed by a black Clinton appointee and devoted liberal democrat, Mr. Robert Stanton.
  • Fact:  It is apparently well known that the national park in question, the Chattahoochee National Park, is a popular gay cruising spot.
  • Fact:  Perversely, no pun intended, Clinton and, by extension, his Park Rangers who apprehended Glavin, are strong advocates of gay rights.  Yet, to "get even" with Glavin they were willing to violate their own "pro-gay principles".
  • Fact:  The Clinton camp has publicly stated that Glavin "got what he deserved" for attempting to get Bill Clinton disbarred.  Democratic Party sympathizer and Bill Clinton adviser, James Carville, was quoted by the Associated Press on Oct. 6, 2000 as saying "Any time you attack the sexual conduct of someone else [like a sitting president] you leave yourself pretty vulnerable [to attack]."
  • Fact:  Matt Glavin has made himself very unpopular among liberals, blacks, and especially among Atlanta's black power elite.  After all, Glavin has advocated the disbarment of Bill Clinton, nominally America's first "black" president.  Glavin sued to prevent Atlanta's egomaniacal black mayor, Bill Campbell, from enforcing discriminatory racial preferences and quotas.   

          Below are the current news stories about the sting that caused the demise of Matt Glavin as the champion of equal rights in Atlanta and in the U.S. for all citizens regardless of color.

News Coverage (Newest First):

Conservative Group Hurt by Charge (10/06/00)

          ATLANTA [Associated Press via the Los Angeles Times] -- "Some of Matthew Glavin's greatest successes have come in court.

          "He saw the U.S. Supreme Court rule his way when he sued last year to prevent the federal government from using Census Bureau sampling data to reapportion House seats. He pushed the Arkansas Supreme Court to move ahead on the case of President Clinton's possible disbarment.

          "Now Glavin, who resigned Wednesday as president of the conservative Southeastern Legal Foundation, is in court for a decidedly different and personally painful reason -to fight a public indecency charge for the second time in four years."

          U.S. Representative Bob Barr, who served as Southeastern Legal's president from 1990 to 1994, is quoted by AP as saying "I'm absolutely shocked and dismayed that these sort of allegations would come up."

          AP:  "Glavin is accused of masturbating in front of a male undercover federal officer and fondling the officer May 17 on a park trail in suburban Atlanta. He appeared in federal court Tuesday, but his hearing was postponed.

          "Glavin, 47, pleaded no contest to a similar charge in 1996 and was sentenced to probation and a fine. He has denied the current charges and said in his resignation letter he was leaving "to protect my family and the foundation." Glavin did not return telephone calls Thursday for comment.

          Southeastern Legal Foundation has been successful in recent years in opposing racial quotas and preferences.

          "[Matt] Glavin was an early player in the push to have Clinton disbarred in Arkansas for allegedly lying under oath about Lewinsky in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. His resignation won't affect the Arkansas case, which is now before a state judge."  (Associated Press, via the Los Angeles Times 10/06/00 by AP writer Kristen Wyatt)
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[alternate link to AP story: ]

Clinton foe faces public indecency charges (10/06/00)

          LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - "The head of the legal foundation that has been seeking to have Bill Clinton, the U.S. President, disbarred for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky has resigned after being charged with public indecency.

          "An undercover officer reported he saw Matthew Glavin, president and chief executive of the Atlanta-based Southeastern Legal Foundation, masturbating through his shorts in the Chattahoochee National River Park near Atlanta on May 17.

          "According to the officer, Mr. Glavin approached him, struck up a conversation and then began fondling himself and grabbed at the ranger's crotch "in a very sexual and lewd manner." The park has the reputation for being a gay cruising spot.

          "[Glavin] denied the charges but resigned on Wednesday "to protect my family and the foundation."

          "Mr. Glavin has been the head of the conservative legal group since 1994. The foundation filed a complaint in 1998 seeking to have Mr. Clinton disbarred for lying under oath and obstructing justice in the Lewinsky case.

          "That case is now before a committee of the Arkansas Supreme Court.  The foundation was formed in 1976 to battle for limited government. It has fought to abolish Atlanta's affirmative action program."  (National Post 10/06/00 by Jan Cienski)
[link ]

Conservative legal foundation chief charged with indecency (10/04/00)

          ATLANTA (AP) — "The leader of a conservative legal foundation seeking to have President Clinton disbarred was charged with public indecency.

          "An undercover federal officer said he saw Matthew J. Glavin fondling himself on May 17 on a trail in the Chattahoochee National River Park in Gwinnett County, just east of Atlanta. The officer said Glavin also fondled him after the two started talking.

          "Atlanta television station WAGA reported it was the second time that Glavin had been charged by rangers. Glavin pleaded no contest in 1996 to an indecency charge was sentenced him to six months' probation and fined $1,000.

          "The foundation, which Glavin had led since 1994, has fought to abolish Atlanta's affirmative action program and sued to have Clinton disbarred for lying under oath in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.   (Associated Press via FoxNews 10/04/00)
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Robert Stanton, Clinton's Loyal Director of the National Park Service

          The Director of the National Park Service is a black Clinton appointee named Robert G. Stanton.  While Stanton has a long and distinguished career in the Park Service, he and the park rangers under his direction are loyal Clinton supporters and pro-quota advocates.  Mr. Stanton has paid his dues to the black civil rights community and has received awards and accolades from: National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, the Harriet Tubman Foundation/AME Zion Church, the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, the Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association, and the National Council of Negro Women. Robert Stanton, NPS
Robert Stanton,
Parks Director

How Police "Sting" Sexual Offenders (law enforcement special report)

          The Chattahoochee National Park, near Atlanta, is a known gay cruising location. The park is under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, and as such park service rangers are federal law enforcement officers.

          According to an unnamed law enforcement expert, a "homosexual sting" such as the one which was used to entrap Matt Glavin is usually set up as follows:

Chattahoochee National Park
Chattahoochee National Park

          Park authorities may have previously arrested a homosexual citizen in the park on charges of public indecency or solicitation.  In return for dismissal of the charges, the man agreed to assist the park rangers in setting up a sting against Matt Glavin.

          Subsequently, park rangers instructed their "informant" to approach Glavin in a public place and arrange a meeting in the park at a specific time and date for unknown purposes.  Perhaps just to discuss fishing or camping.

          Subsequently, at the designated time and date, Glavin arrived at the specified location in the park but the "informant" didn't show up.  Glavin waited.  Enter the mysterious "undercover federal officer" (park ranger).  The park ranger has been trained in "sending out the right signals" and succeeds in enticing Matt Glavin into approaching him.

          There is a complex dance required of undercover law enforcement officers in successfully stinging a citizen on a sex offense. The officer has to make it appear to the victim (Glavin) that he or she is available and willing.  But the officer is prohibited from actually initiating the illegal act.

          What actually transpired between Glavin and the undercover officer?  Assuming the feds wanted Glavin badly enough, they took the time and trouble to arrange hidden cameras, or at least a "wire" (recording or transmitting device taped to the body of the undercover officer), and/or hidden third party witnesses so that it is not simply Glavin’s word against a lone officer’s word.

          If there is such corroborating evidence, then it may well appear that within the meaning of the law Glavin has been proven guilty of "public indecency".

          Whether or not park rangers used any of these techniques against Glavin, it is very interesting that the Clinton administration, which is a strong advocate of gay rights, would use this tactic to discredit Matt Glavin.

End Atlanta - Quota Critic Glavin Forced to Resign

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