Board of Directors
Adversity.Net's directors share a common belief in equal treatment under the law without regard to race, gender or ethnicity.

Our directors are from many varied backgrounds and places, but we are united in our dedication to publicizing the disparate impact of so-called affirmative action policies (racial preferences and quotas) upon non-preferred (non-favored) individuals such as light-skinned Americans, Americans of European descent and, increasingly, upon Amercians of Asian descent.

Each of our directors' lives have been affected in very personal ways by racial discrimination caused by racial preferences, targets, quotas and goals.

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Summary:  Adversity.Net Director's Qualifications
Business Owner Police Officer Gov't Employee or Contractor Military Experience Suffered Reverse Discrimination Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit(s)
2 directors 2 directors 6 directors 2 directors 5 directors 4 directors

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