Seattle PD or Seattle PC?
"Seattle and Cincinnati are Being Held Hostage by the Forces of Political Correctness"
by Michael P. Tremoglie (05/15/01)
Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination

Excerpted from the FrontPage Commentary
written by Michael P. Tremoglie

The author of this piece, Michael P. Tremoglie, is a freelance writer currently working on his first novel, and he is an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at

          Michael P. Tremoglie writes:   "MORE AND MORE U.S. cities, from Seattle to Cincinnati, are being held hostage by the forces of political correctness. On the one hand, "civil rights" activists seem ever more willing to justify and provoke mob violence. On the other hand, police and city officials seem less and less willing all the time to protect citizens against such violence.

          "On April 14th, I spoke with Sgt. Ray Smith of the Cincinnati police public information office. When asked if any blacks had been charged with hate crimes in conjunction with the recent disturbances he replied that some had been charged with ethnic intimidation.

Cincinnati Race Riots 04/09/01

          "Subsequent reports indicated that the only hate crimes charged were involving a white person. This despite the fact that there was enough video of black hate crimes for a feature length documentary. I spoke to the Cincinnati PD public information office today and was told that the police were still investigating hate crimes by blacks.

          "Can you say political correctness?

          "Nearly two decades ago, as a police officer assigned to a racial detail I was required to report as a racial incident any instances involving anti-black crimes. When I asked about anti-white crimes I received no reply.

          "This was evidently the case with the Seattle PD three months ago. They needed a political assessment before taking any action during the Mardi Gras celebration.  I would also suggest that they needed to do a political assessment before investigating any hate crimes

          "From the beginning there was probable cause to believe that hate crimes were committed by blacks during the Seattle Mardi Gras mayhem. The videotapes, news photographs, and witness accounts all indicated that racism played a role - anti-white racism. The Seattle PD did not acknowledge that possibility.

          "The March 16 issue of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Seattle police Detective Christie-Lynn Bonner, who investigates bias crimes, said that identifying hate crimes can be as difficult as trying to read someone's mind. Investigators must look at "the totality of the situation" before determining whether a hate crime occurred -- Racial slurs do not necessarily mean a hate crime has been committed," Bonner said, referring to Fat Tuesday. "It depends on the context they're used in."

          "...In 1990, in Philadelphia, an African American murdered a cable TV salesman because he was " a white man walking in a black neighborhood." There was little media reporting. What there was referenced the murderer’s psychiatric history. This is noteworthy because the Seattle police and media mention that the black suspects have criminal histories.

          "...The political correctness on college campuses has migrated to the police departments, city councils and newsrooms. Life has become more dangerous for honest citizens as a result."

Excerpted from "Seattle PD or Seattle PC?" by Michael P. Tremoglie
Published May 15, 2001 on FrontPageMag.Com

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