Videos of Race Riots
Cincinnati Blacks Attack Whites

Last Updated December 10, 2003
For Victims of Reverse Discrimination
          There are several videotapes available of the race riots in Cincinnati.  These RealMedia videos are provided by Cincinnati News Channel 9 (WBOC).  These links may change, or may expire at any time.  RealVideo Player is required.

Readers are advised to Download and Save these videos to their local hard drives!  All news videos and raw footage have been subpoenaed by Cincinnati's Hamilton County Prosecutor's office in their investigation of "hate crimes" against whites by the black rioters.  These videos may be removed from the Internet at any time.

Nov. 30, 2003 Update:  Last Known Link to Police Cruiser Video from 11-30-03 (courtesy of WCPO).  Shows unedited police struggle with Nathaniel Jones.

Archives - April 2001 (these links are probably expired):

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