Race Riots in Cincinnati:
Blacks Attack Innocent Whites

The 2001 Cincinnati Race Riots and Beyond
For Victims of Reverse Discrimination
News Update 12/4/03:  On Sunday, November 30, 2003 Cincinnati resident Nathaniel Jones died while assaulting uniformed police officers in Cincinnati.  Jones was black, he was 41 years old, he was extremely overweight (350+ pounds at 5 feet 6 inches tall), he had an enlarged and hypertensive heart, and he had significant quantities of potentially heart-stopping illegal drugs in his system at the time of his bizarre behavior and death.  All of this has been verified by the medical examiner (coroner).  Both of the illegal drugs found in Mr. Jones' system -- PCP ("angel dust") and cocaine -- indisputably raise the user's heart rate and blood pressure to critical levels and severely impair the judgment -- and the perception of reality -- of the user.

          In short, Mr. Nathaniel Jones was a medical time bomb waiting to explode.  At the time of his death he was already in bad coronary health, he was phenomenonally overweight, he was on drugs which exacerbated his medical problems and which severely impaired his judgment -- and he either blew a blood vessel in his brain (stroke), or had a massive heart attack.  His absurd and irrational attack on uniformed police officers greatly elevated both his pulse rate and his blood pressure which effect directly contributed to his death.

          By all accounts, including that of the coroner, Mr. Jones' behavior and lifestyle were the main causes of the heart attack or stroke which killed him.  The responding, uniformed police officers were merely trying to intervene and prevent Mr. Jones from bothering the customers of the White Castle restaurant where he was found wandering around and acting in a bizarre fashion.

          Mr. Nathaniel Jones' death is a tragedy for all concerned, especially for Mr. Jones' family and friends.  But is it racism?  Will blacks burn Cincinnati again as they did in 2001?  More on the 11/30/03 death of Nathaniel Jones later...

Last Known Link to Police Cruiser Video from 11-30-03 (courtesy of WCPO) - requires RealPlayer: http://real.scripps.com:8480/ramgen/cincinowrs/2003/12/01_whitecastle_rawcruiser.rm

Non-Whites Get Preference in Cincinnati
Cincinnati is 43% black.  The county is over 27% black. 
98% of Cincinnati police officers killed in the line of duty during the past 30 years have been killed by black males.
Ohio as a state, and Cincinnati as a city, have for years maintained enormous racial quota programs which exclude whites from employment, business, and contracting opportunities.  
Yet blacks there continue to riot and demand even more racial preferences.

2002 Cincinnati Race Riot Facts:

  • One year after the Cincinnati Race Riots, on April 12, 2002, the John Ashcroft U.S. Department of Justice announced a forced agreement with Cincinnati police to collect racial data.  (See DOJ Agreement 4/12/02 - New Page)
  • The April 12, 2002 DOJ "voluntary" agreement with Cincinnati requires collection of racial data and costs Cincinnati millions of dollars.   (See DOJ Analysis 4/24/02 - New Page)
  • One month after the race riots the FBI has launched an investigation into hate crimes -- racially-motivated attacks by rioters against innocent white bystanders.  (See FBI investigation. - New Page)
  • Black rioters, looters and thugs looted and burned in Cincinnati the week of April 9 as a result of a shooting Saturday night, April 7, 2001.  That night a black man -- Timothy Thomas -- was shot dead by white Cincinnati police officer Stephen Roach.  (See Background of "Cincinnati 15" -- Facts and Circumstances 04/15/01 - New Page)
  • Timothy Thomas was 19 years old at the time of his death.   He was wanted on 14 outstanding warrants.
  • White Cincinnati police officer Stephen Roach attempted to apprehend Mr. Thomas on the fateful evening.
  • For undisclosed reasons, Officer Roach felt threatened by the suspect -- perhaps a sudden move by Mr. Thomas -- and the officer discharged his service revolver, fatally wounding Mr. Thomas.  Mr. Thomas was allegedly unarmed.  A grand jury is investigating.
  • Historical: 15 blacks have been killed by Cincinnati police since 1995.  10 of those blacks pointed guns or fired guns at officers. (See below.)
  • Historical: In 2 of those cases which did not involve guns, the blacks who were killed had tried to run down police officers with their cars. (See below.)
  • Historical: In 1 case which did not involve guns, the black who was killed was a 12 year old black boy who dragged a black officer to his death with a car. (See below.)
  • Historical: These are the worst race riots in Cincinnati since the 1968 murder of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Crime Statistics:  The shooting -- and ensuing violence -- took place near two Cincinnati neighborhoods called "Over-the-Rhine" and "The West End".  Both are in Cincinnati Police District #1.

Neighborhood Crime Statistics for 2000:

  Calls for Police Assistance Part 1 Crimes Murder Rape Robbery Aggravated Assault Burglary Larceny Auto Theft
West End 12,580 838 0 24 88 59 211 363 93
Over the Rhine 22,365 1,644 4 31 232 179 266 806 126
TOTALS: 34,945 2,482 4 55 320 283 477 1,169 219

          Cincinnati is dominated by black special interests. According to the U.S. Census, in the year 2000 Cincinnati is comprised of 43% black residents and 53% white residents.

          Cincinnati has massive racial quota programs in place giving special treatment to blacks and other minorities.  Whites are generally excluded from 15% to 30% of city jobs and contracts in favor of preferred minorities.  See "Cincinnati Quota Programs" in the left index.

Cincinnati Police Speak Out:  Kweisi Mfume, President of the NAACP and Keith Fangman, president of a Cincinnati police union, appeared on ABC's "This Week" program with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts.  Donaldson asked his guests "What caused this incident?"

Here are the responses of both Kweisi Mfume and Keith Fangman:

Kweisi Mfume (NAACP):  More than anything else, it has been 20 to 25 years of neglect, of frustration, of profiling, of a second-class feeling in Cincinnati. White citizens and black citizens for all that time have been pleading for somebody to take a look at what was going on there, to respond. That didn't happen. ... All of this just bubbled over, but not because of this one incident, because of a number of incidents like this over the years. Keith Fangman (police union):  Well, Sam, what I would say in terms of the Timothy Thomas shooting last week, it is still under investigation.  We don't know all of the facts. I can't sit here and say that Officer Roach is innocent or guilty simply because it has been sent to the grand jury under subpoena, but I will say one thing: Of the 15 police-intervention deaths involving the black males since 1995, 12 of those 15 suspects were armed with deadly weapons. Eight of them were armed with guns in which they shot at our officers or pointed guns at our officers. One was armed with a brick. One was armed with a 2-by-4 with a cluster of nails on the end of it, and two were armed with automobiles, one in which our officer was dragged to his death."
See the Cincinnati Enquirer for the complete article
"Heads of NAACP, Police Union Clash on Talk Show" (Apr. 16, 2001)
[Last known link:  http://enquirer.com/editions/2001/04/16/loc_heads_of_naacp.html]

Cincinnati Police Speak Out:  Cincinnati police union president Keith Fangman said that in most of the 15 deaths involving black suspects Cincinnati officers were threatened or were returning gunfire.

          Cincinnati's Fangman said "Why are we not explaining that in 10 of these cases, suspects pointed guns or fired guns at the officers?  When suspects are armed with guns, do people just expect us [police officers to allow oursleves] to be shot?"

          In 2 other cases involving the death of black suspects (out of the 15) which did not involve guns, the black suspects ran down police officers with cars.

          In 1 other case invovling the death of a black suspect, the suspect swung a board with nails in it at the arresting officer which action resulted in the suspect being shot dead.

          In yet another case involving the death of a black suspect, a 12-year old boy used the stolen car he was driving to drag a Cincinnati officer.  The officer in this case was also black, and he died of injuries sustained.

Video of the Black Rioters:  Cincinnati's TV Channel 9 has been providing excellent coverage of the looting and vandalism.  See especially Videos of the Race Riots.

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