Proving Anti-White Hate Crimes in Cincinnati's Race Riots
Last Updated April 17, 2001
For Victims of Reverse Discrimination
Hunt begins for hate-crime proof (04/17/01)

[The Washington Times] "A prosecutor in Cincinnati yesterday promised to pursue hate crimes charges against anyone who engaged in racially motivated attacks during the riots that rocked the city last week.  Local news media captured numerous incidents in which black rioters attacked white people at random.   In one case, an albino black woman said she was assaulted by a mob who mistook her for a white woman.

          "There is no way of knowing how widespread was, but I watched the news broadcasts and saw quite a few accounts, " said Hamilton County Prosecutor Michael Allen. "We have subpoenaed the four local television stations to get all of their raw footage. This was a full-scale riot here."

          "Mr. Allenīs office has formed a 17-member "riot prosecution" team that will view videotaped news footage and peruse newspaper accounts of incidents to help police make arrests.

Non-Whites Get Preference in Cincinnati

          "There may have been more incidents of this nature than anybody thinks," said one law enforcement official in Cincinnati, who asked not to be named.

           "The FBI also yesterday promised to investigate any individual crimes that were based on the race of the victim. There is no federal hate crimes law, but civil rights statutes can be used in prosecuting such cases, a Justice Department spokeswoman said.

           "Ohio law stipulates that "ethnic intimidation," if proven, enhances the severity of a crime. For example, a second-degree felony assault becomes a first-degree felony if race is a motivating factor.

          "Robert Stearns, a white truck driver from neighboring Kentucky, was severely beaten after a group of blacks attempted to steal his parked vehicle in a riot-torn part of Cincinnati.  "He was inside making a delivery and heard gears grinding on his truck, " said Steve Borth, general manager of HGP Industries, a glass fabricating company. "He came out and they attacked him."

           "We are looking to identify these people, " said Jon Esther, a public information officer for the Hamilton County Prosecutorīs Office. "This is a particularly egregious incident."

           "In another incident, reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Roslyn Jones, an albino black woman, was driving through a troubled area last week when she heard someone shout something about a "white girl." Miss Jones didnīt think the comment was directed at her.  The black crowd apparently thinking Miss Jones was white threw bricks at her car, one brick striking her in the head.  "The first piece of white skin they saw, they hit it, " Miss Jones told the newspaper.

           "Leah Sweeney-Spurrier lives off Main Street and operates a design business in one of the neighborhoods struck by rioters.  When the disturbances intensified Wednesday, it was a "night of white terror," she told the Enquirer. "It turned from a police issue to a black-white issue."

           "But Malik Zulu Shabazz, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, called the disturbance, which swept through the mostly black downtown areas, a "righteous, divinely ordained rebellion."

           "Kweisi Mfume, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said that Cincinnati was the "belly of the storm."

(Excerpted from the Steve Miller story in the Washington Times, page A1, 04/17/01)

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Video of the Black Rioters:  Cincinnati's TV Channel 9 has been providing excellent coverage of the looting and vandalism.  See especially Videos of the Race Riots.

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